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"What Autism Looks Like"


Facing Autism with Children Everywhere

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Support F.A.C.E. and these beautiful children by purchasing a copy today!

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F.A.C.E. has been working hard since our inception to continue to promote Autism awareness and acceptance. 

As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, "HE has Autism? He doesn't look like it." My first thought is always, "Well, what does Autism look like?" Autism can sometimes be an "invisible disability." At first glance, many individuals on the Autism spectrum look just like the next person. There are no physical characteristics that would differentiate them from anyone else. It's only upon interaction that you begin to notice certain identifying characteristics.

In January 2013, I decided to create a first edition calendar to show the world what Autism looks like by profiling these wonderful children that “face” Autism every day. We had the awesome privilege of working with 12 children on the Autism spectrum during an amazing photo shoot held in Maryland.

In 2014, 20 kids were joined by some phenomenal current and former Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins cheerleaders.

Last year, I had the wonderful idea to show case individuals from all over the world.  This resulted in featuring over 150 boys, girls, and adults with ASD over 14 calendars!