Our goals are to:

  • Continue to increase public awareness on the needs of children with autism and other developmental differences
  • Serve the community by providing services to support children with autism and other developmental differences, and their families
  • Put a “FACE” to autism, by providing a glimpse into the lives of people facing autism and those facing it with children everywhere. 

We are dedicated to creating meaningful and unique giving opportunities in order to fund and support these objectives.



Facing Autism with Children Everywhere

Our Story

Our Mission

Imagine bringing your beautiful child into the world, watching

as he progresses normally with all milestones met. Then, somewhere

between 1 ½ and 2 years of age……everything changes.

Your precious child is kidnapped; not his physical body, just his brain.
This is the story of my son, Dylan… and learning how to get through to him became my mission.

In 2008, Dylan was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a form of Autism.   

I immediately researched resources in my community to help us along the way.  As we started on our journey, I discovered that, even with this diagnosis,  he was capable of loving and learning. He loves to read books, play internet games, swim, watch TV, play the piano, and he enjoys the company of family and friends.  Although, he’s not as verbal as most typically developing children at his age, he is able to express his basic wants and needs through some 2-4 word phrases. Another amazing discovery was that he LOVES TO SING!!! Start singing one line from any of his favorite nursery rhymes, and he jumps right in….singing EVERY word…AND on-key!  He also loves to quote lines from his favorite television shows :)

Dylan has been receiving Speech and Occupational therapy since December of 2007.  
He began ABA therapy the following year, and in 2009 he began an Autism preschool program.  He is currently enrolled in the Autism Program at his elementary school.  I am very thankful for the teachers and providers who have been working with him throughout the past few years and I am filled with joy and hope as we celebrate even the smallest steps of progress.  

Thanks for reading!